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QMAXIS LLC is dedicated to serve clients that need to conduct microstructure inspection and analysis. To ensure the accuracy and precision of inspection and analysis, samples must be perfectly prepared. Metallographic processes such as cutting, mounting, grinding and polishing are essential processes for accurate sample preparation.


Proper cutting, mounting, grinding and polishing samples determines the accuracy of microstructure being revealed. Therefore, QMAXIS LLC aims to provide clients with high quality metallographic instruments and consumables for sample preparation.


There are many manufacturers in the metallographic field manufacturing instruments and consumables for sample preparation, each has accumulated rich research and manufacturing experiences and unique specializations. 


QMAXIS LLC has years of market experience and grasps users' the latest application needs. QMAXIS LLC solicits solutions from manufacturers for different technical requirements of users, and feedbacks different solutions proposed by manufacturers to users for application testing, and finally selects high-quality instruments and consumables. QMAXIS LLC has become a bridge between users and manufacturers.


Therefore, QMAXIS LLC has formed a technological and market alliance with manufacturers who are able to provide successful solutions.


The core value of this alliance is to provide cost-effective metallographic instruments and consumables to end users to address their application needs.


QMAXIS LLC communicates users' different application needs to manufacturers in a timely manner, which promotes the technological research and manufacturing process innovation of manufacturers; QMAXIS LLC quickly delivers the winning technologies and products in the alliance to users, and users complete the task of material inspection and analysis with better technology and products. This is the return of QMAXIS LLC to its manufacturers and end users.